Finally, we welcome 2018! Here is our #Bestof2017...

CTF Pink Star Diamond


If pink is your favourite colour, this would be no doubt the best of 2017 for you... this 59.6 carat 'CTF Pink Star'. It set a new world auction record of US$71.2 million for any diamond or jewel during Hong Kong Spring Sale at the Sotheby's. This gorgeous stone basically doubled the previous record for a fancy vivid pink diamond. 

It was sold to the renowned jeweller Chow Tai Fook.


opal necklace


Diamond is undoubtedly girls' best friend. Having said that, girls can always have more than one best friends...

One of the best of 2017 in jewellery is when the global authority of designer fine jewelry and vintage timepieces COUTURE announced @amalijewelry's gorgeous woven opals piece for Best in Colored Gemstones Below $20k category. 


26.27 carat diamond bought from a car boot sale


Who would have known that car boot sale is the best place to find the surprise diamond. The 26.27 carat diamond ring now named "Tenner" was originally purchased in the 1980s from a car boot sale.

The owner assumed it was merely a costume jewel, had no idea of its value and bought this cushion-shaped jewel for £10 in the 80s. This assumed costume jewel was then sold via Sotheby's for £656,750.


royal engagement ring


Royal jewels is always most of everyone's interest, especially when it is an engagement ring. 

Prince Harry has proposed to Meghan Markle this November with a wedding date set for 19th May 2018. According to People, this three diamond ring was designed by Prince Harry and was crafted by British jewelers Cleave and Company, a London-based jeweller used by the Queen. 

Prince Harry followed his brother Prince William's footstep by including two diamonds from his late mother's personal collection. While the other stone is from Botswana, where he is very fond of.  




Best of 2017 in jewellery has to be the launch of Jewellery brand Tsai x Tsai. A London-based jewellery brand inspired by Taiwanese heritage. For lovers of natural gemstones. 

Tsai x Tsai found Patricia came from a jewellery family, providing gemstones to the most known jewellers across the globe. To celebrate her family legacy and her love for Taiwan, the brand was launched on her mother's birthday, 27th October, together with its first collection - Taipei Collection, which is named after her hometown. 

The brand's first campaign works with Taiwanese photographer Tammy Ho, who has previously studied photography in Brighton.  

see the brand story here...

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tsai x tsai logo
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