Tsai x Tsai founder featured on DailyMail

Tsai x Tsai founder, Patricia Tsai, was recently interviewed by DailyMail. She was unfortunately not allowed to wear Tsai x Tsai jewellery during the photoshoot. Let's see her take on weight issues and cultural differences! Be confident and comfortable with who you are. Read the full article here

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My Mum Says I am Too Fat

Patricia Tsai, 30, is founder of a London jewellery brand. She has a boyfriend and lives in Islington, North London. She is 5ft tall and 7st 9lb. She says:

at school, my mother used to say: ‘I can’t believe you’re getting so big, you’re going to look like a ball!’ My mum’s Taiwanese and can be harsh about appearance, even though I know she loves me to pieces. It’s a cultural thing.

So I kind of need the reassurance of stepping on the scales to remember I am a healthy weight and don’t need to worry. I weigh myself at home and at the gym.

Although she’s not skinny herself, my mum thinks I should be about a stone lighter. It used to chip away at my confidence. The lightest I’ve ever been is around 7st 5lb but for me, that’s still too thin. I’m happy as I am.

My Western diet is probably one reason I’m not as slim as many people in Taiwan. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables but a ridiculous amount of carbs too, which aren’t as present in the Taiwanese diet. But I much prefer how relaxed we are here.

Read the full article here


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